Organizations that manage content can take advantage of content reuse
to streamline the creation and maintenance of content and produce higher
quality documentation, faster.

An effective content reuse strategy encourages writers to reuse  content and
provides those writers with a set of tools to facilitate  this reuse. The result is
more efficient authoring, less  documentation to manage, and ultimately a
reduction in total documentation costs.

Empower your content authors with SmartDocs – an easy-to-use,  powerful
authoring solution that makes writing and reusing your  organization’s content
simple and efficient.

SmartDocs integrates content reuse capabilities seamlessly into Microsoft Word,
bringing the power of reuse to your writers while minimizing the costs associated
with implementation, training, and user acceptance. Reduce inconsistent and
out-of-date content by managing shared content in a central location and providing
proactive notification of content updates, while minimizing the high costs typically
associated with moving to a structured authoring platform.

SmartDocs facilitates reuse by providing your writers with a powerful set of reuse
capabilities all from within their existing Microsoft Word environment:

  • Reusable variables centralize the management of commonly used words or phrases.
  • Reusable snippets centralize the management of small or large pieces of rich content.
  • Conditional text enables multiple versions of content to be authored in a single document.
  • Document assembly enables new documents to be assembled from existing content.
  • Change notification and automatic updates proactively alerts writers of changes and streamlines documentation updates.

For more information or to organize a demonstration, contact Justine or Leigh (Israel),
or Ishara (UK/Europe)